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ACO Kenya

The innovative ACO Manhole Cover System has been developed to meet today's urban infrastructure challenges. The intelligent structure of the elements allows the distribution of dynamic traffic load to ensure that the cover remains at the level of the road surface. The flat surface of the installation guarantees safety and comfort when passing.

The material is Sheet molding compound (SMC) resin, a fiberglass-based compression molding that is used in applications that require high strength. SMC is comprised of several materials including fiberglass, polymer resin, release agents and thickeners.

Advantages of Composite Manhole Covers

  • Low risk of theft
  • Available in round and square top sections
  • Light, Medium and Heavy load classes (A15 – E600) for different applications
  • Low maintenance and easy installation
  • High chemical resistance to light oil and hydrocarbon
  • High resistance to biological substances
  • Light weight elements compared to concrete products
  • Thermal stability and UV resistance
  • Conforms to BS EN124 standards

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