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ACO Kenya

ACO Sport System Channels and Accessories

If athletes are to produce outstanding performances, they also require optimal conditions. As an experienced sports arena construction partner, ACO is called on for its expertise around the world: running track drainage systems and safe, competition-friendly system elements have proven their worth time and time again in almost all Olympic stadiums built since 1972, as well as numerous council sports facilities.

The systems ensure that water is rapidly drained so that the sporting facilities can be used throughout the year. Kerbs and boundary systems for pitches, running tracks and athletics facilities ensure that competitions can be carried out safely and securely.

Why use Channel Drainage?

It provides effective drainage without the need to construct complex slopes High quality, modular product allows easier installation, while maintaining strict site tolerances required for running tracks It provides continuous barrier to protect running track from contaminated run-off from in-field or surround areas.

Why use a Polymer Concrete Channel Drainage?

The IAAF set strict guidelines for any sporting arena - particularly where prestigious events are held and new records may be set. Construction tolerances can be less than 5mm around a 400m track. Polymer concrete is a rigid material that helps maintain these tight tolerances. Polymer concrete also offers a similar rate of expansion and contraction to surrounding cement concrete elements. ACO Sport Systems comply with IAAF (International Amateur Athletics Federation) and ASBA (American Sports Builders Association) requirements and are compatible with Mondo and other synthetic track materials.

ACO Drainage Channels

In addition to drainage products related to track and pitch drainage, there will be a requirement for drainage to pitch surrounds, pedestrian walkways, car parks and access roads, delivery yards, roofs, etc. ACO manufacture a wide range of drainage systems in polymer concrete, stainless steel or plastic, suitable for every location in the project. ACO channels can also provide the cable ducting needed for modern communications and television services. The secure, yet easily removable covers provide for rapid access for re-routing of cables as required.