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ACO Kenya

ACO Slotted Channel
ACO Brickslot

ACO Brickslot elements for ACO Polymer channels
Designing with clear lines

The system is also ideal for transitions between two different surfaces. The slotted frame consisting of stainless steel is compatible with all standard paviors or stone slabs and joins the two surfaces almost seamlessly. This system is superb for the drainage of fa├žades and optically sophisticated surfaces.

Functionality and maintenance

Simple cleaning and maintenance with low or high pressure washers. Access openings simplify maintenance of the subsurface polymer concrete channels with their excellent hydraulic performance.

The centered slot with the sump basin is easy to open and to clean.

Typical applications

  • Piazza
  • Paths
  • Facades

ACO Drain Visualizer

Click the button to see how the slot drainage system is looking in different paving options.

ACO Brick Slot Maintenance