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ACO Kenya

Waste Water Management Technology

Fully developed products compliant with international standards

ACO Water Management Technology represents ongoing professional development, design and operation of advanced wastewater system solutions and management.

Grease Separator

ACO separators are designed with easy installation, operation and maintenance in mind to ensure full customer satisfaction. ACO produces separators from corrosion resistant stainless steel, glassfibre, polyethylene, and other materials.

Petrol Interceptor

Regardless of whether in multi-storey car parks, petrol stations, car washes or vehicle workshops: Wherever there is a risk of mineral light liquids getting into the drainage network, for example, petrol, benzene, lubricants or oils, the wastewater must be pretreated. This prevents pollutants from contaminating the drinking water or groundwater. A light-liquid separator or petrol interceptor uses the difference in density of petrol and water to achieve this. The light liquid is collected and is disposed of regularly by recycling companies. Even better treatment is achieved by using a coalescence element, as used by ACO in its units. Light-liquid separators are available for installation in the ground and for freestanding installation.

Below ground installation product ranges:

ACO Clara Waste Water Treatment Plant

ACO Clara sewage treatment plants are designed for the complete biological purification of domestic waste water and process waste water from toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines and similar facilities.