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ACO Kenya

ACO Floor Gullies
a wide range of multi-application and high performance products

ACO's product line includes a broad range of height-adjustable floor gullies suitable for any type of floor. Drainage is vertical or horizontal. The ACO modular system has a large number of flexible combination options for every installation situation.

Stainless Steel Floor gullies

EG 150 range of Eurogullies are designed as hygienic, quick, simple and economic trapped drainage solutions. Suitable for all floor finishes including cement and resin screeds, ceramic tiles, and flexible vinyl flooring. In solid floors and suspended floors. Manufactured in austenitic 304-grade stainless steel as standard with guaranteed excellent corrosion resistance. Optional 316-grade stainless steel for very aggressive applications. EG 150 Eurogullies are supplied with gratings as standard which are completely safe for bare feet or stiletto heels. A non-slip or plain mesh grating is available for cement/resin screeds and tile applications.

Typical applications

  • Light industrial use
  • Toilets
  • Washrooms
  • Wet bathrooms
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Swimming pool

Plastic floor gullies

The plastic floor gullies are part of a modular system allowing various combinations in the nominal widths DN 50, DN 70 and DN 100. The perfect solution can therefore always be put together to match each situation and application. All of the risers in the WAL-SELECTA DN 50/70 product line can be used with this system.

Typical applications

  • Bathrooms and toilets
  • Washrooms
  • Domestic/residential use

ACO Designer Gratings

The ACO stainless steel designer gratings are laser-cut and have an electropolished finish. They are elegant, individual and superbly functional. The gratings fit the 150 x 150 mm and Ø 136 mm frames and are therefore used as standard with the MEKU or AV-SELECTA PP risers from ACO, for the thin mortar bed sealing method. The risers can be combined with all ACO cast iron and stainless steel gullies in sizes DN 50 and DN 70 an the plastic floor gullies DN 50-100. ACO designer gratings can also be individually made to customer specifications. In addition to the patterns shown here, any other pattern can be cut out and customised from stainless steel.

For full details on this range visit the ACO E-Service website: